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We bring your office to life in the digital environment

Legal marketing specialized in creating strategies with advanced data analysis to attract new clients.

Fluxo Acord

Our legal marketing sector has more than 10 years of expertise in the area. We understand OAB standards, we are constantly updated on legal matters, we know what the profile of the target audience is like and how offices can grow on social media with authority. Our work is based on ethics, transparency and innovation.

Your office ishighlights at Internet

Searches for lawyers on Google are increasing. Is it possible for your client to find your office easily?

We help our clients grow their businesses.

Stay tuned! If your law firm isn't at the top of the search, your competitor's probably is!

We digitize business

We help companies find their identity and digital vocation, through a proprietary methodology that helps clients achieve their goals.

We develop brands

Change this reality and start attracting new customers right now with less effort with the help of Fluxo Acord.

We reveal talents

We want to grow together with the people who make Fluxo. Our model encourages innovation, encourages decision-making and long-term vision.

Our Results


Years of experience




Invested in media


Countries served

5 M

People reached

If you have a problem, we have a solution!

Fluxo Acord knows exactly what to do to help you.

You've been a lawyer for a while, but you can't attract new clients
You have no idea how to use the internet to boost your results
You don't know how or where to find new clients for your office

Tested and already validated method.

See what our lawyer clients are saying

Gabryel Rezende

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We are brand strategists and experts in enhancing business

Our strategies are in accordance with the ethics statute of the Bar Association and within the Legal Marketing bias.

We evaluate the growth of your office

We analyze data

We take new customers

We put the office at the top of searches

We carry out constant reports and feedback

Our Team

Heleno horizontal 2 edited_edited.jpg

Heleno Beckmann


Amanda vertical edited_edited.jpg

Amanda Ferreira


Gabriella S vertical edited.JPG

Gabriella Salame



Antonny Rezende


Edey horizontal edited_edited.jpg

Junji Eikawa


Where are we


+55 (91) 98925-2795

Travessa Estrella, 2645

Belém, Pará

Our social networks
Our numbers
Gabryel Rezende        (91) 98904 5502              
Daniel Dantas             (91) 99191 5388              
Heleno Beckmann      (91) 98925 2795              


+55 (91) 98925-2795

R. Barbosa de Freitas, 1741
Fortaleza, Ceará

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