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We bring your projects to life

We help clients expand their businesses with a team specialized in developing strategies and delivering results

Communication is not a choice, it is a necessity. Technology in everyday life is already a reality.

We believe in the flow of creativity and an approach focused on people, a combination that encompasses meaningful brands, communication, technology, relationships, and strategy around a vision that truly puts consumers at the center.


To develop business, you need to deeply understand who your consumers are and know how to connect with them.

In an ever-changing, complex and uncertain world with rising consumer expectations and disruptive technology, brands need to move at the speed of culture when meeting the challenge of growth. With this in mind, Fluxo was born with the purpose of using creativity, technology and culture to create connected brands that generate value for companies and people.

More than communicating, our purpose is to transform

We reinvent our history daily with an active commitment to positioning your brand in the market and making it present in the digital environment. We are experts in developing efficient solutions for our customers’ communication in the digital environment. It's no wonder that we connect ideas to people.


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Customer needs show the paths we must follow

With this, we integrate companies into HUB Fluxo to solve each person’s main challenges. Consider HUB a growth partner for your brand: part creative agency, part consultancy, and part technology company, our experts deliver inspiration across the brand and customer experience. Our best result is to deliver results.


See companies in Fluxo Hub

We help brands achieve the full potential they deserve with the combination of technology, creativity and data. Fluxo is much more than an agency, it is a space to create without fear, have new ideas, take risks and reap good results. We develop your business as if it were our own.
We are a company that aims to drive businesses, startups and government institutions to achieve the best results, focusing on three pillars: data, technology and people. Branvier is a digital transformation consultancy and also a Venture Builder, supporting the birth of startups and growing businesses with our proprietary methodologies. We achieve your business objectives and provide you with the necessary data to achieve this.v
Solt Studios is an audiovisual production company that uses dynamic visual production solutions to add value to your brand. We use the perfect combination of camera movements with the texture and colorization trends of the creative world to boost the audiovisual.
We help brands reach the full potential they deserve through the combination of technology, creativity, and data. Fluxo is much more than an agency; it's a space to create without fear, generate new ideas, take risks, and reap the rewards. We develop your business as if it were our own.

Tested and already validated method.

See what our customers are saying

Gabryel Rezende

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We believe that yourbusiness he canto leave onefootprint at theworld
Flow makes your brandunforgettable.

Our Team

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Heleno Beckmann


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Amanda Ferreira


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Gabriella Salame



Antonny Rezende


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Junji Eikawa


Where we are


+55 (91) 98925-2795

Travessa Estrella, 2645

Belém, Pará

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Our numbers
Gabryel Rezende        (91) 98904 5502              
Daniel Dantas             (91) 99191 5388              
Heleno Beckmann      (91) 98925 2795              


+55 (91) 98925-2795

R. Barbosa de Freitas, 1741
Fortaleza, Ceará

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